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At Refinity Candle Co. our mission is to close the loop on candle consumption and do so in the most sustainable and ethically responsible way possible. Read below to find out more about what you’re getting when you buy a Refinity candle.

We value transparency as much as we value sustainability, so if you have any questions pertaining to the contents of our products which are not answered below, please always feel free to contact us at







Our candles are made from upcycled candle vessels, recycled by customers just like you!
Our coconut soy wax is gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, biodegradable and comes from renewable sources.
Our wooden wicks are made from sustainably sourced, 100% natural wood using a vegan, non-toxic adhesive.

We also have all-natural hemp wicks available as an alternative to wooden wicks, which can be used for custom orders upon request!
Our labels are made of 100% post-consumer fiber. This means that what once might have been an old magazine, credit card bill, report card, love letter, you name it, has been recycled and given a second life as our labels.
​Our fragrances are phthalate-free and carcinogen-free. We offer several all-natural, organic scents, which are clearly marked on our scents page. Not all of our scents are organic, however we do our best to choose all-natural, organic fragrances whenever possible. 
Our shipping materials have all been collected and reused from incoming shipments from suppliers.
Our manufacturing materials are intentionally sourced to the best of our ability. Nothing we use is ever sourced from Amazon or Walmart (that’s a guarantee), and we always do our best to source materials from local businesses and ethical sources. 
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